Provincial Entrepreneur Program

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The provincial entrepreneur program offers a grand opportunity to foreign entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Canada or buy an existing business in Canada.

The Provincial Entrepreneur Program was launched by the Canadian Government in 2014. The sole motive for developing this program was to attract foreign business enthusiasts to develop their businesses in Canada. Or, they could invest in buying an existing business and with their expertise and business skills develop it further.


  • This program is open to all foreign officials. For starting a new business or owning an old one, they must provide proof of knowledge and expertise.
  • Individuals must have a valid offer from any authorized Canadian employer, who proves that they have both the ability and the intention to establish a business in Canada.
  • An individual should have a financially strong background, indicating that he/she has enough funds to provide for themselves and their families when in Canada.

Important Things to be noted

  • It is a great way to start one’s own business in Canada/ take forward an existing one. 
  • Freedom to work hand-in-hand with any other Canadian employer.
  • Does not require any job offer or sponsorship from any Canadian employer.