Self Employed Program

Home Self Employed Program

This is a great option for business officials or future business owners who are willing to immigrate to Canada. The self-employed program enables business owners to immigrate to Canada and start their businesses here.

However, through this program individuals can permanently shift to Canada and enjoy employment.


  • Almost all foreign officials are eligible for this program; however, individuals must be well-skilled and offer evidence and proof of their knowledge, experience, and expertise.
  • Individuals must have a valid offer from any authorized Canadian employer, who proves that they have both the ability and the intention to establish a business in Canada.
  • An individual should have a financially strong background, indicating that he/she has enough funds to provide for themselves and their families when in Canada.

Important Things to be noted

  • It is a great way to start one’s own business in Canada.
  • Freedom to work hand-in-hand with any Canadian employer.
  • Does not require any job offer or sponsorship from any Canadian employer.