A study permit ensures that you can study in Canada and a Student Visa ensures that you can enter the province of Canada and continue staying here until the tenure of your course.

In the process of applying for a Student Visa, students need to appropriately answer a series of questions during the application process and the percentage of correct answers will ascertain the success of their application.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • IELTS test and a passing score.
  • At least 6 groups in every module within general 6 groups for UG programs.
  • At least 6 groups in every module within the general 6.5 groups for UG programs.
  • Letter of acknowledgment from the organization.
  • Financial proof and evidence that you have sufficient funds to pay for school and stay close to school.
  • To successfully ace any clinical tests if necessary.
  • Individuals must have sufficient financial capability to pay tuition fees, afford their living expenses, and return to their home country (if required).
  • Ascertain officials that they will leave the country once their course gets completed.
  • Must have a clean background, with zero criminal records.

You must also:

  • International students studying in any of the DLIs in Canada can additionally apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.
  • For entering the Canadian premises and staying there during their educational course, individuals might also need a temporary resident visa (Visitor Visa) or ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

Important Things to be Noted:

  • Most Universities often accept advance payment thus, individuals must be financially capable of the same.
  • Ascertain that you get enrolled in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.